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A Canadian's Thought 

Hip Hip Hooray

Edward Geddis

Hip hip hooray, now that all the hoopla regarding News Years resolutions and starting the new year off on the right foot has started to calm down and you can actually find a parking spot at the gym for your early morning workouts its time to get to work. 

There are a lot, I mean a lot of people out there that every January 1 sit down write out all the things they resolve to do in the year ahead vowing that this is the year they will follow through. But alas as the days and weeks pass they fall back into their old pattern, the old comfortable habits wondering where did they go wrong.

Its not that they did anything wrong its more the approach they adopted in attempt to succeed. Habits, rituals, routines whatever you want to them can not be changed but rather they need to be replaced. One needs to totally erase the bad to establish the good. The mind and body like the familiar, we are comfortable in our old skin and will always fall back to our old tendencies or habits, if one's mindset fails to work in lock step with ones desires.

While I may consciously say I want to do X but until my actions convey that subconsciously I am willing to make the sacrifices for that to happen it never will. It simply does not work to say I'm going to commit to working out every day then, as soon as life throws a small curve at me, a snow storm, a stuffy nose or a poor night's sleep start to make excuses why I can skip today. That's not ok, especially in the beginning of starting something new. The old adage is it takes 21 days to start to establish a new habit, 1 week of hell, 1 week on acceptance and 1 week of establishment, then it starts to really become part of our normal routine. Unfortunately, new research says it takes up to 66 days. Yes 2 months of doing something day in day out to make it part of our norm.

So enough with the bad news, now for a little good news. We can all succeed in erasing the old and establishing the new, but how. Well, in my humble opinion, it is starts with not waiting until January 1. Any day, today, tomorrow, next Wednesday, it doesn't matter, any day is as good as the next to start to make improvements. Next, the commitment must push you a bit, make you a little uncomfortable, but not so much so that it is to unrealistic to be succeesful. And finally, you want to make it part of your lifestyle, part of the principles on which you base decisions, actions and how you want others to see you. You will know how much time and effort you put in to living better, healthier, happier but it is nice to hear how others admire your commitment to living your life that way.

Baby steps, focus, embrace the change and commit, out with the old and in with the new.

Once again, these are just the ramblings of a sleep deprived Canadian as he watches his teenage daughter, who made the commitment to get up every Saturday morning at 5 am, to skate in a freezing cold ice rink many years ago.