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Blog-Um, Just a Thought

A Canadian's Thought 

Here's to the New Year

Edward Geddis


2017 has arrived and as the morning breaks I sit here typing away. I had originally set to deliver a position piece on habits and routines since today is the day we tend to jump on the bandwagon of resolutions but that all went out the window last night.

While at a New Years Eve party as we were saying our goodbyes, the hostess began to talk about her plans for the New Year. Now mind you this is a very fit and athletic individual who could probably follow through on her 'resolutions' but that is not the point. She stated that she was going to give up sugar, wheat, alcohol and exercise everyday. These are all grand and healthy goals but my issue with her statement is the magnitude  of the commitment. From my 25 plus years in the health care field experience has taught me that her plan was doomed well before the clock struck midnight. Most people would attack such a goal with a robust vigor and unfortunately crash and burn within weeks if not days. For most of us, we start along these adventures with the best intentions but rapid begin to almost resent the commitment, the effort it takes to follow through and the stress it creates. mostly in our own mind, to see the it all to the end.

I feel, a better solution, would be to pick one thing, do it well, build on it and with that momentum the next goal becomes easier and so on. We all like success, we prance around with our chest puffed out, like peacocks, when we accomplish a goal, and we deserve to do so. So why not set yourself up for success with all that we do, so we don't have to taste defeat, mope around like a scolded child and give up on all that we set out to do.

One of my favorite quotes is, 'Every journey begins with a single step'. So next time you set out on a journey, be to eat better, exercise more, be a better friend, parent, spouse, whatever it may be, start with a single step, let the momentum build and before you know it, you become unstoppable.

Just the rantings of a tired Canadian tri coach as he greets the new year.

Good wishes and blessing to all as we begin 2017.